These AI will make quality music for you… and it’s free

In this article, we introduce you to two AIs that will create original music for you for free!

To create an Artificial Intelligence, it is sometimes necessary to train it on several hundred thousand data.

This is what some companies have done with music samples and compositions of all kinds.

Today, we present you two of them that fascinate us !


The first one we’d like to introduce to you is Magenta.

Introduced as a software that can be installed but also as a library of Python and Javascript that you can use in your algorithms.

No worries for non-developers, this software can be used without any programming knowledge.

Therefore you can download Magenta as a plugin for Ableton (music composition application) but also as an application by itself. It happens on this link !

Be careful though, this application is not designed to create a whole music but presets (or loops) that you can easily reuse in your own compositions.

Indeed, if you want to create a whole sound by Artificial Intelligence, you will have to head towards…


AIVA is an AI created in 2016 by a Luxembourg company.

This Artificial Intelligence has learned to compose music after training on more than 30,000 scores of classical music and variety of all kinds !

The algorithm found the patterns that were repeated in the music to understand how to create an original melody.

Here is a list of music styles you can create with this AI:

  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Ambient
  • Rock
  • Fantasy
  • Jazz
  • Sailor’s song
  • Modern Cinema
  • 20th Century Cinema
  • Tango
  • Chinese

Not convinced yet ? Here is an example of what AIVA can produce…

The best part is that AIVA is free. You can start using it right now on its dedicated website !

That’s it for this article! We hope it will be more useful for you

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See you soon in a next article 😉

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