Where to find best free scientific content on Machine Learning?

Here we propose a list of the best sites to document yourself on Machine Learning and find free research papers.

Many sites aren’t free and do not always make it easy to access the resources proposed by the academics.

Fortunately, we can have access to these sources for free when we know the right addresses !

We propose you to discover them in this article.


arXiv is the number 1 tool to read research papers for free.

It does not only gather papers in Machine Learning but in most scientific disciplines.

If a paper you want to consult is blocked by a site, type its name + arXiv in your search engine and you should easily find the pdf you are looking for !


The second site we’d like to introduce you to is DeepAI. It is thought as a news site.

The new articles are sorted from the most recent to the oldest but also by order of popularity with the readers which makes it quite interactive.

DeepAI is useful for people who just want to know about the latest developments in Machine Learning. Unlike arXiv where you have to know what you are looking for.

So there is more of a discovery aspect to DeepAI. Very useful for studying Artificial Intelligence !


PapersWithCode is quite similar to DeepAI… with some extra features !

In addition to having access to the research paper, you will have a direct link to the code in question as its name suggests,.

At Inside Machine Learning, we like the practical side of this site! Indeed, if you discover a new breakthrough, you can immediately test it at home thanks to the link to the code.

To summarize this short article :

  • arXiv to use when you know what you are looking for
  • DeepAI to consult new research papers
  • PapersWithCode if your goal is to use directly the most recent algorithms !

You know of other sources to learn about Machine Learning ? Feel free to share them in the comments !

See you soon for a next article 😉

Tom Keldenich
Tom Keldenich

Data Engineer & passionate about Artificial Intelligence !

Founder of the website Inside Machine Learning

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