Guide and Useful Tips – Machine Learning

This section is meant as a guide to help you get oriented in the discovery of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This page will be completed as time goes by… if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to send me a message on Linkedin 😉

Our site focuses exclusively on Machine Learning with Python, but it is also possible to do it with the languages: R, C++ or JavaScript.

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Online and without installation

Locally and with installation

Analyzing results

Python libraries

Data Mining / Exploration :

Machine Learning :

Deep Learning :

Note that Keras and TensorFlow have been merged into TensorFlow 2.0, although you can still use both separately.

Keras is a pretty simple and fast solution to perform Deep Learning, perfect for beginners.

I’ve noticed that experts on Kaggle tend to use PyTorch for its “clarity of implementation, dynamism and flexibility”.

Choose the library you like best!

Books to read

  • F. Chollet, Deep Learning with Python (2017, Manning)
  • L. Antiga, Deep Learning with PyTorch (2020, Manning)
  • N. Shukla, Machine Learning with TensorFlow (2018, Manning)

Feel free to buy these books using our affiliate links (you fund us while buying at the same price 🎉)


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Interesting websites

News and Articles :

Finding Datasets :

Competitions :

Discover Machine Learning in a entertaining way

Latest progress

Testing without coding

You can use these sites powered by Artificial Intelligence to see what Machine Learning is capable of :

Guide Machine Learning

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